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Camella Homes

Camella Homes is the top-of-mind choice among average-income Filipino families and even among the Overseas Filipino market. To date, Camella Homes has sold more than 200,000 homes through more than 87 projects, earning Camella Homes the title of The Most Preferred Home Builder among the B and C socioeconomic classes. Camella's masterplan for success is simple: for every house we build, we see a Filipino family; for every subdivision we create, we envision a Filipino community. Camella Homes is a proud member of publicly-listed Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. (VLL).

Camella Home Builers - A Place To Call A Home

Who We Are and What We Offer

Property development doesn’t only refer to the upper end of the societal scale, even those in the low and affordable range need somewhere they can lay their heads down at night. That is where Camella Home Builders has found our niche. We have been developing an ever-broadening range of residential communities that everyone in the Philippines can afford, after all, a place to call home is a dream come true.
We strive to provide modern innovation in all our property design work. Our forward thinking, master planned communities and affordable homes have placed us at the forefront of the industry, allowing us to become the largest property developer in the Philippines.

With more than 40 successful years in the industry we must be doing something right.

Our Mission

Regardless of whether you seek a house or something more exciting. We are aptly able to cater for comfortable family living for the suburban loving or something a little more exciting that incorporates urban living at its best. Life is for living and we believe you should do it with all the convenience and comfort at your disposal.

Our masterplanned cities, developments and homes are built with specifics in mind. We have done our research and we know what the people of the Philippines long for and we certainly know how to achieve it.

  • Creating Adventures - life is an adventure, every person you meet a part of the puzzle. Our modern and sophisticated residential cities provide you with the excitement and adventure you deserve. Form close bonds with your family and friends, experience the comfort an luxury of one of our sought after, well-maintained communities and really live.
  • Ideas - Careful thought and consideration goes into the design of our communities as well as the location. We ensure that the locations we select don’t cut you off completely, easy access to schools is paramount in creating a future for our children. Enjoy the pleasure of a close-knit community and hassle-free journeys to school and back each day.
  • Gratitude - Religion is an extremely vital part of the Filipino people. We know that each day is not a given and we must show gratitude for the gift of waking each morning. We ensure our communities are located close to places of worship for this very reason. The Filipino people are a grateful nation who takes great care in thanking their maker for all that life has provided. A wonderful characteristic of this beautiful nation.
  • Memories - What would life be without friends and family to share it with? Camella creates living environments with easy access to community malls and lifestyle centers that allow opporutnities to mingle and create lifelong memories.
  • Diverse relationships - Camella is not only in the business of building homes but also office blocks and commerce opportunities are also already incorporated into the desing plan of Camella communities. Life is all about relationships, and diversity is what makes for an exciting journey.
  • Purpose in life - What is our aim in life as human beings? Firstly survival and secondly seizing whatever opportunities come our way. There is no time to dwell on should have’s and could have’s, life is far too short for that. Reach for the start, follow you heart, build lasting, impressionale relationships and do this safe in the knowledge that you always have a place to return to that you can call your home.

We bear all of these things in mind, the human nature is a complex thing. We create environments that foster adventure and true living. We give you the freedom to live in comfort without fear of catching the next adventure opportunity.

Home is where your heart is and we are sure to keep everything you need close at hand.

The Camella Home Builders Advantage

Choosing Camella as you home builder is a decision that one would call a wise one. The advantages of selecting us are invaluable. We really care for our customers and it shows in the preparation and planning involved in each and every community we create. We work ex exceptionally hard at maintaining our top spot in the property industry and abide by our five pillars in order to do so.

  • Location Location Location - When selecting our property sites, we always ensure that schools, hospitals, places of worship, shopping malls and government institutions are never far away. We pick prime spots that are part of the transportation hub allowing you easy access to any place you choose to visit on a daily basis, whether it be work, school or any other.
  • Convenient - Our communities provide upgraded residences and lifestyles for the occupants. Modern facilities are the key to creating convenience. We don’t spare the bells and whistles and design our communities with grand entrances, stunning parks,swimming facilities and even sports courts. Your home should be the place where you can really let your hair down and relax. You have to love every minute of home or it is never truly home. Your heart needs to know peace and happiness to foster the relationships you desire.
  • Investments Should Be Wise - All our homes provide quality and modern technology and finishings. Our homes are built to increase in value over time which is something every homeowner wants to hear. As we continue to develop and build up these communities, your profits will rise and your investment will double in value.
  • Affordable - Owning a home is the dream of every person, a dream that can now see realization. Our felixible financing schemes make this dream achievable. Our payment plans allow you to invest your rental paid into the home of your dreams. We provide high-quality, affordable solutions where your home is concerned. Our modern finishes,superior architecture and attractive locations  are a value for money option that nobody could turn a blind eye to. We create homes not houses and we have been for almost 40 years.

During our 40 years we have built more than 300 000 homes for the community. We have catered for all walks of life and allowed each and every one of our customers to experience the Camella lifestyle.

Experience The Camella Way

  • Camella Rizal (Tayuman, Binangonan, Rizal)- This community incorporates a range of homes built to accommodate your family. We put careful thought into the requirements of each family and of course, the varying available budgets. At Rizal we make home ownership easy with low monthy repayments with low upfront deposits. Owning a home has never been easier and stress-free.
  • Camella Meadows (Bilibiran, Binangonan, Rizal)- A gorgeously designed community incorporating beautiful landscapes, modern facilities and an environment that promotes serenity and relaxation. The location is supreme, sitting at the foothills of Angona Binangonan Rizal, 8 hectares of pure pleasure.
  • Camella Crestwood (San Luis, Antipolo City) - Splendid views are what this community is all about. The city skyline painted with beautiful sunsets. What more could you ask to end the day. Spanish and mediterrranean inspiration gives this community a stylish yet relaxing feel.
  • Camella La Hacienda (Teresa Rizal)- A small piece of Spannish heaven. Situated in the rolling hills of Teresa Riza. Within close range of the business district. The perfect place for those who wish to commute daily.
  • Camella Montego(San Isidro, Antipolo City) - Security, an extremely important feature for any family. This gated, secure community offers affordability. A grand entrance gate and 24 hour security are features that make this a community that is sought after. Family amenities allow relationships to be forged and developed through time spent in relaxation and togetherness.
  • Terraces at Woodberry(San Luis, Antipolo City)- Situated in San Luis, Antipolo City, this community is situated close to schools, hospitals and places of worship. Added ammenities are a drawcard for families looking for a safe, healthy environment in which to raise their families. Security, baseball courts and swimming pools are all part of daily life here.
  • Camella La Montagna (Teresa, Rizal) - Situated in the heart of Rizal. Covering a vast area of 40 hectares, lush landscaped hills and mountains, a sight to behold. Italian inspiration brings with it class and elegance. Find your sense of peace and relax in a luxury that you call home.
  • Camella Silang (Silang, Cavite)- First class epitomises this community. Located along the Aguinaldo Highway, this is prime land. A stones throw away from Tagaytay and within minutes of the metro of Manila, the development offers it all.
  • Pacific Residences (Ususan, Taguig city)- Conveniently located and slap bang in the middle of everything. Easy access to the main centers. Sylish Victorian style design. Residences are varied with a niche to suit everyone whether you require a condo, a home or a townhouse. At pacific residences we cater for the community as a whole.
  • Merida BF Resort Village - This place oozes exclusivity. A haven of peace and tranquility, sheltered from the busy city life yet close enough that you can venture out should the need for adventure take you. Easy commute to work in the city, rest assured that when you return, the crazy city life will be left behind. Keeping with the tone of exclusivity, prime schools and private hospitals are located within close range.
  • Colina(San Pedro, Laguna) - This private and secure residence is is comfortable and spacious. Situaed on top of the rolling hills of San Pedro, Laguna, a hive of activity. The two-storey homes are a thing of architectural magnificence. Sprawling grounds and well-manicured parks as well as a number of family orientated ammenities create a truly splendid lifestyle for anyone.
  • Venezia (Naga Rd., Las Pinas City) - As the name suggests is a taste of Italy. A small, quaint community that captivates you with its beauty and elegance. This gated community offers safety and security, comfort and all the luxuries you could imagine. Whether you prefer single-attached or twin homes, this is the place to be.
  • Camella Condo Homes Pasig (Mercedes Ave., Pasig City) - Our communities are not limited to free standing homes as our Condo Homes developments will quickly make you realize. This 10 storey condo block offer a variety or accommodation which is sure to tickle the fancy of everyone. Whether you require a studio apartment, a two bedroom unit or a ground floor commercial property, Camella Condo Homes Pasig is your gateway to finding the freedom you need to live and enjoy your life to the fullest. Lock up and go peaceful in the realization that your home is there waiting for you.

I could go on and on for hours reciting developments planned, designed and built by the brilliant team at Camella. We are the development team that is geared towards creating environments suited to every part of the Filipino community. We have carefully selected our locations in order to create safe, comfortable, convenient residences. Although we try to maintain an affordable pricing, you can rest assured that our developments are nothing short of high-quality magnificence. The everyday Filipino family deserves the finest there is on offer. We envision Filipino communities living in peace, harmony and complete relaxation.

Finding the perfect home is not always easy, especially when you are working on a budget, however, this doesn’t mean it isn’t on the cards at all. Our trained personnel are here to assist you in reaching that dream. A community where everything you require to make your life a pleasant one is right on your front lawn. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature while still keeping the gateway to the bustling city open. Foster relationships with your family and friends and forge bonds through quality time spent taking advantage of the ammenities on offer. A healthy and happy family is one who plays together, after all.

Camella Home Builders - So much more than building a house. We create homes.

“The pioneers of value-for-money homes in master-planned communities.” We are the first choice for average-income filipino families and we are proud to provide what they so long for - a place to call home.  

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Free Interior Design

Need a decorating inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When you buy your dream home, we offer you a free interior design service that reflect you and your style. Because when you deal with us, there’s no right or wrong way to do it – just your way.

Excellent Service

We always listen to you and your needs and offer various choices based on those needs. We will personally guide you through the entire buying process from beginning to end: finding your home, negotiating your contract, and signing documents.

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Investing in a great home starts with a casual conversation. Our real estate pros – who have a level of expertise unparalleled in the industry can pick you up from your home, hotel or even the airport to show you suitable homes that match your needs..

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